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Apples and Oranges

I thought it was a fantastical dream. I thought it was a myth. I thought it was the dragon, the fairy, the unicorn. Buy it's not.

Yes, Safari is now available on Windows.

Brilliant. I'm not some kind of Apple junkie, so I'm not praising it because I've always wanted to use it as my browser, but by God it makes my life easier. No more scrabbling round to a Mac to look at a development version of whatever site I'm building at the time. No need to fire up VM Ware with KDE just so I can get a Web Kit rendition of a site to check for bugs. No. Now, it's just a click away, on my main development machine. Absolutely marvellous.

Thank you Apple!

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Jason posted this on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 9:50 am. Leave comment.

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Blogger pristine says:

Haha, same here. I feel exactly the way you do, because I've always wanted to conveniently test my sites. Now, it'd be much easier. :D *Sigh* I'm just having trouble installing it. Some error keeps coming up to say there *might be a problem with the installation package (??). :S

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