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Adobe Live 2007 day 1

I've just got back from this large live advert for Adobe CS3. The keynote was OK, the guys from Adobe showcasing the tighter integration of the CS3 suite now that the former Macromedia and Adobe apps are now under one roof. It looks like the work flow is much improved over the combination of CS2 and Studio 8.

I won't re-hash all that content here, as it's available lots of places elsewhere on the web. I will say though that I think there are some nice nifty touches in there that will help smooth away some of the awkward parts of the typical web build work flow. For example, the ability of Dreamweaver to remember the source PSD and optimisation settings of each image. In the properties box, click on the little Ps icon and you're taken right back to the PSD file which you can edit, then paste straight into Dw using the same optimisation settings you previously used. You can directly import the PSD into Dw, too. When you try, a Fireworks optimisations box pops up and lets you set your ideal settings for the web image format of your choice. It's great.

There are loads of little improvements like this across the whole suite of applications. The real test will be in the field, as ever. On the whole, positive.

There were a few familiar faces around the place today. Jon Harris and John Allwright from Microsoft (who didn't have a public presence there) and John Davies from Flash on the Beach too. Between sessions I even got to go and browse some Japanese art at a nearby gallery on Camden Town Passage. I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow. Maybe I'll buy something. If I do, it'll have to be Japanese art, because there didn't seem to be anywhere to buy CS3 in there.

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