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Commuting in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is already forming, we all know that. Whether it germinates from the seed of a an MMORPG (like World of Wartcraft) or Second life, we don't know. But in some sort of crazy-but-could-be-brilliant move, IBM and Sun are creating virtual spaces for their employees to collaborate in.

Sun's uses a custom system running on their intranet. IBM's is more interesting: they have a private island in Second Life, inaccessible to non-IBM employees. Why more interesting? Because although restricted access, it still exists is a "public" space, almost mirroring the real world.

At first I though "what's the point," but now I've come round to the idea that it could be really useful to use the virtual boardroom model. You could chance upon other people, talk to people aside from the main meeting informally, and do many of the things you can do when you're at the real boardroom. The trouble with the Metaverse though, is that the food's rubbish.

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