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Adobe Live day 2

So, I went back for more. Today had a different feel for me, though. For a start I didn't have to queue up outside because I'd arrived slightly earlier. In good time to catch the first speaker of the day that I wanted to see: Hillman Curtis.

I saw him speak at Flash on the Beach, six months ago. Parts of the talk were the same: thankfully only the best bits. He was talking about portraits he did of dancers for a gallery in New York. It's good to hear someone with his profile talk about his work and his motivation and his background. He's a good speaker, engaging and warm.

Next up was Neville Brody. There was more than a full house to listen to his talk. The event had to be streamed into the next conference room because too many people wanted to see him. Luckily for me, I managed to bad a front-row seat for the live show ;o)

It's great listening to Neville speak. He's an inspirational figure for me: I got through university practically on the strength of "The Graphic Language" books alone. Again, rather than talk about technique or process, he talked a bit about his background, and about the designer's role as representative of the public when facing the client. And about being brave. I could listen to him for ages - even though he's not what I'd call a natural speaker, his manner and the content of what he's got to say carry a lot of weight and also just seems worth listening to.

The last speaker I saw was Brendan Dawes of mN. Another interesting figure. He's a charismatic presenter, and in common with the other speakers I saw today his passion shines through the talk. His talk was billed as a 'web showcase', although really it was about where to get the inspiration to make a good experience great. The answer according to Brendan is certainly not sitting in front of a computer. He was very convincing, and I'm glad I hung around for his talk: I was tossing up whether to go home or whether to go to his talk, when I thought I'd take a look in his book "Analog In, Digital Out" to see if it would help me decide. After flicking through, I though "I'm staying for that."

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