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Your weekend's reading

I've just had a look on A List Apart, and there is an ace selection of their earlier work relating to accessibility and all that jazz. In my professional life, it was this site and actually some of the articles on this list that first set me out on the standards crusade in 2001. Back then, my pleas were generally falling on deaf ears: "Please don't use Flash for navigation" became "Oh, that's Flash, don't get Jason to do it, he hates Flash". Et cetera.

Well, if you need a little primer on the why of standards and accessibility, you could do a lot worse than reading some of the articles mentioned in The ALA Primer: A Guide for New Readers.

As a secondary little piece of entertainment, if you don't need to read the background articles, then have a look at A Standardista's Alphabet. Might amuse if you're in-the-know. If you're not, then read the articles mentioned in the previous link.

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