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What a week, what a week. Well, actually, it's been a pretty easy week for me, me reliving my junior html builder days. In a strictly professional way only, you understand. No late nights for me: perish the thought. An explanation: my client is using an antique server and doesn't want me to melt it by asking it do to... well, anything, really.

So straight static html it is. The only trouble with that, as I'm sure you all know is that common elements such as the navigation have to be repeated over-and-over. Thankfully, I use Dreamweaver MX 2004 for situations like this. Keeping the navigation as a library item means that Dreamweaver automatically updates all pages that use that item whenever that item is edited. Which is nice.

Ordinarily, I'd use a simple server-side include to hold the navigation (if it's pretty simple), but having been precluded from using that method, I used Dreamweaver.

Another thing I was reminded of this week, was my slight optimism when estimating the time taken to build such a site. Whilst as challenging as... eating, the site still takes plenty of donkey-work to manually populate every one of the 50-plus pages, and I am said donkey.

At least I now know where to buy a cheap server. Portobello Road.

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