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Long time, no blog

Unfortunately what with the pressures of the modern high-velocity lifestyle and my intrinsic bone-idleness, I have not posted to my blog for ages. Which is a crime really, although obviously that’s shaky legal ground I’m stamping on. But hey-ho and tally whatnot, I shall persevere and there shall be a new dawn of blogging emanating from my fingers, though I can’t guarantee the postings will be at all meaningful.

What have I done since my last posting? Well, I haven’t mastered the new Virtual Earth API (version 3), that’s for sure. In the main, I’ve been splitting my time building websites for property companies and building a site dedicated to rallying. I’ll not post a link to either here: the former because as they complete I’ll post links from my website anyway; the latter because until I create a new template, it’s just not good enough to represent me in cyberland.

That’s your lot for the present time. I promise to make more of an effort from now on. But only because you, beloved readers, demand it.

Jason posted this on Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 3:14 pm. Leave comment.

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