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This season's colours

I've just updated the Antanova site, with its gorgeous new green colour scheme for spring time. There's still work to do on it, but all in good time.

One old chestnut that had me going while I was doing the update was the colour differences between pngs and other formats when using IE. The main head banner and the background of the navigation are two different images. I saved one in png format this time, because I've used a graduation behind the logo. For the one behind the navigation, I simply saved over the old gif image.

I looked at it with Firefox, and it looked fine. Popping it into IE was a different matter. The png was a nice saturated green, but the gif image had become relatively darker. That's no good when the images have to match up perfectly. It was then I remembered that I had had this problem years ago when working on some other site. But then it had been with a png and a jpeg. So, I saved the navigation background again, this time in png format.

Problem solved. So no big issue, then? Well, no, but the thing that sticks with me about this problem was that years and years after me having a problem with png (I think it was in 2001), I'm still having it. IE still doesn't support pngs properly (think alpha channel) without hacking away with alphaImageLoader and so on. Let's just hope IE7 is more sensible.

Jason posted this on Wednesday, March 22, 2006 at 6:36 pm. Leave comment.

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