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My colours to the mast

Right-o. Let's get this straight. There are a couple of posts below that point out some of the flaws in IE. Now, I know there are lots of stories flying about on the web as to why Microsoft are evil, but I have no idea whether that is just propaganda or whether there is an element of truth. I don't have the time nor the inclination to look into it either, because at the moment, the Microsoft products that I use work satisfactorily.

Wherever possible I prefer to use free software, because it's... free.

BUT I do have a problem with IE not really being up to scratch for a modern browser. It not using many css selectors that have been around for many years and that are embraced by most other browsers is a pain when trying to build a site. And there are lots of little bugs. Its non-standard box model causes grief, even if it is better than the standard one. (I mean subtracting "padding" from "width" rather than adding it: it's more intuitive.)

So, I'll blog any bugs and workarounds I have to do for any browser; it just happens that mostly I have to use work-arounds for IE at the moment. Let's see what IE7 has to offer.

Jason posted this on Wednesday, April 05, 2006 at 3:24 pm. Leave comment.

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