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People problems

Most of the time, the people I deal with are decent individuals who just want to work and get their jobs done. Some of them are more than that: inspiring, charismatic, that extra bit of pleasure to work with. Sure, sometimes the wants of the client and the web developer don’t exactly match up, but usually these hurdles are fairly low and easily stepped over.

Now though, I come to the exception. The kind of person who’s like oil to your water. Like banana to your cod and chips. I’ve very occasionally encountered this type, and have found that although decent, honest and all the rest of it, for some reason they grate, irritate, depress, and suck you into a sullen grey world.

The big question though, is when I come upon someone who has this effect on me, how do I deal with him? I can’t answer that right now. I’m torn, between being a professional, and just working around the personal difference, and being a human, and not wanting to fill my life with stress and confusion. Thankfully, having dealt with one such person in the past, I’m able to draw a conclusion. It’s just not worth the anguish. Regretfully, of course, because who knows, I could miss out on a wonderful experience, a good contact and future work. But the risk — the risk! — when every fibre is telling me misery lies round the corner, the risk is too great to take.

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