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Easier writing

I've always found that tagging blog entries with html a tedious task. I think it's something that should really be taken care of by the editor I use, but I just don't trust it to mark things up exactly how I want them to be marked up. Somehow, thinking about markup and thinking about content are two entirely separate things that interfere with each other far too much.

It's a problem I wasn't going to bother solving; rather I would have just left that particular dog in its basket snoozing, carrying on being slightly put off by the whole blogging process. Thankfully, while looking out for a writers' text editor for my wife to use, the answer came to me. From now on, I'll use Q10 (a full-screen, absolutely minimal text editor) along with Markdown (a 'humane' text markup scheme.)

Let's see how it goes...

Jason posted this on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 7:44 pm. Leave comment.

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